XRiP – The Definition of Insanity

XRiP The Definition of Insanity

Even Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein and Newton would agree…and they were just experimenting.

XRP has been in a steady downtrend for the last 2 years without any signs of shedding its affliction.

It is the only crypto I have come across in all of my analyses to date that has not only suffered a steady and preposterous decline in price (~94% – or almost all of its value since its high), it also lacks any progress in wave development in any form whatsoever since January of 2018 (yes, that’s two years).

All indicators have been heading into negative territory for the duration including the MacD, RSI and Stoch RSI seen on this chart. It is so far gone that I can’t even make sense of what it tried to do in May/June of 2019 in terms of Elliott Wave. aNyBoDy??

Round about the middle of 2019, I did have a sliver of hope for its future. This sliver has waned to a nanometer. Unless and until it pulls its head out of its derriere this year
and does something magically suprising with a miraculous recovery, it will be the first coin that takes its well-deserved place in my imaginary jar of shitcoins.

I can completely understand why Singapore-based Bitbox has delisted it from its exchange. And I am with them on this.

And so I conclude this article with the following:

Insanity (definition): Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Rest in peace, XRiP.

Tschüss for now…and for XRP – maybe forever. 


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