XMRrrrrrr – Feb ’20 Winnings at Purple Crypto Premium

Xmrrrrr XMR/USDT Monero Idea


Have you ever wondered why I haven’t been too fussed about BTC?

If the only thing we can rely on to determine potential future winnings is past performance, then the crypto that takes the cake is Monerrrro.

Here’s a brief overview of 3 coins which I’ve mainly been focused on (only for the sake of variety). I’ve taken the lows from 25th July 2016 to their all time high to calculate percentage gains.

1. Bitcoin: 25/07/2016 low-$615. ATH-$19666. % gain-3098%

2. Ethereum: 25/07/2016 low-$11.3. ATH-$1424. % gain-12502%

3. Monero: 25/07/2016 low-$1.7. ATH-$478. % gain-28018%

Now, some may say it isn’t just about the gains but the losses I should be taking into account too (or the strength of the crypto when it downtrends). And I’ve done that. Though, if you’re like me and play only for the short to medium-term, then the long-term losses really have no bearing.

1. Bitcoin: ATH to low since ATH – 84% loss

2. Ethereum: ATH to low since ATH – 94.2% loss

3. Monero: ATH to low since ATH – 91.2%

While Bitcoin does seem somewhat stronger, the % gains for Monero far outweigh the slightly higher % loss. Personally, I’m not one to watch my winnings dwindle away in downtrends. The percentage losses would only really apply to HODLers.

It may well be the $$ dollar figure that magnetises people to BTC (or somehow confuses them…maybe?) or its market cap where Bitcoin dominates without a doubt. But it has never made sense to me why everybody be talkin’ about Bitcoin billionaires when we really should be talkin’ about Xmr… rrr rrr rrr … *growls*.

Moving on to what everyone is really here for – my setups for Purple Crypto Premium since my idea a month ago. I can finally reveal two that were started in January and closed in February (not in time to be included in my February update).

First we have hot and spicy Chilliz, raking in a sweet 101.4% in winnings at target point (95.5% at stop loss point).

And Ma..ma..Matic, the bugger that stopped us out at 43% winnings at stop loss point (53.3% at target point) but has since climbed to the final target (cheeky).

Sadly, a second attempt to make a quick profit with CHZ did not amount to much as it skipped our entry zone before going berzerk…but a worthy idea to share still.

This adds 138.5% in winnings to our Jan/Feb ’20 tally.

With a few more still in play, the plan is to cull these back to a handful (or I will definitely go insane trying to keep track of so many).
Crypto A: 108% since Dec
Crypto B: 28% since Nov (I call this one the little dog)
Crypto C: 47% since Dec
Crypto D: 48% since Dec
Crypto E: 40% since Jan
Crypto F: 76% since Feb

(and there’s another short-term baby in play) Nope…still no BTC yet.


It’s not about how much you win.
It’s about how much you didn’t lose.

Até mais tarde.


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