Who we are.

We are Purple Crypto. Our website address is: https://purplecrypto.online.




  • Donations made on registration to Purple Crypto Premium come with donation perks, one of which is addition to our Premium Telegram channel where thou may follow my crypto plays.
  • Donations are non-recurring, i.e. we will not send reminder emails.
  • Donations made without registration do not come with any perks.

Crypto Plays

  • My crypto plays are mine and it is thine sovereign right to follow them or not to follow. Thou does so at thine will and thine risk.
  • The Founder of Purple Crypto (I) am based in Asia. Crypto plays are generally made and played during waking hours (one would hope we don’t do this while asleep).
  • Should thou choose to take part in the crypto plays, thou does so at thine own risk knowing that we may start and close the plays at any time.
  • Should thou choose to take part in the crypto plays, I would like for thou to set thine own alerts for targets, etc..


At the end of every year (December by the Gregorian calendar), we will not post new crypto plays for about two weeks.

Donation perk periods will remain unchanged as there may be setups still in play during this time which we will continue to play. We always try our best to have pre-existing setups in play during this vacation time.


  • Should thou wish to no longer follow my crypto plays, or have any other donation perks, all thee needs to do is not make a continuity donation or hit ‘Abandon’ on thine Account page.
  • Should thou wish to re-join us at a later time after ending a prior donation perk, thou will also need to make a pro-rated donation in the amount to make up for the previous length of time between the ending and the time of re-joining.


Never heard of it.



Sometimes we send emails. But only when we really need to. Our brains can’t process nonsense so it will only be when something really important happens, like when these Terms are changed. Wouldn’t thou like to know about that?


What data we gather and why.

Nothing other than IP addresses (and, of course, whatever thou provideth on registration).

  • The IP address when an account is created.
  • The IP address of current logins.

Only to look for bogus accounts. Honestly, we have no interest in where art thou located.


If we receive any forms from thy account (e.g. requests, etc.), it may be saved in email format while the account is active. We do not save sent forms on our website.

If thou would like to have thine forms emails deleted on account deactivation, just send a polite email to founder (at) purplecrypto (dot) online. Simples.

Embedded content from other websites

We do not currently have any embedded content on our website.




Who we share thine data with.

Nobody. Not anyone.


How long we retain thine data.

As long as our website is active or when thou requests for deletion, whichever is earlier.


What rights thou hath over thine data.

All of thou rights are reserved. Thou hath them all.


Where we send thine data.

Only to our emails by the most highly secure email provider in the world – CTemplar.


We love our privacy too.

Please (we ask nicely only now) do not share, use, disclose, publish or make known privately or publicly in any way, shape or form, via any means, the Premium contents of purplecrypto.online or our Telegram channel or any other private or restricted content of ours including charts and ideas. We will not like it.

If we believe you attacked or are attacking us, we will attack you back. If you don’t play nice, we will also not play nice. This will be the only time we will use other means to find, harrass, intimidate, bully and do harm to you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you OK?


The End.

Created 18 April 2020 (Gregorian Calendar).