Purple Crypto’s April ’21 Winnings

Purple Crypto Premium April '21 Winnings


In the month of April 2021, we closed the following five setups totalling 1056.3% in winnings.

1. Ethereum Classic ($ETC): This was a Premium Idea turned setup. ETC did a cheeky, unexpected rise after we closed out. Still, we weren’t complaining with 211.6% in the bag. (https://purplecrypto.online/rhemd9cm-etc-usdt-medium-term-setup/)


2. Quantum ($QTUM): It was a shaky start with QTUM, but it well surpassed our initial targets with a final close at 16.00 – 587.1%. (https://purplecrypto.online/me5yblji-qtum-usdt-setup/)


3. Nuls ($NULS): This was a short and sweet rise earning us 115.4% in a few weeks. (https://purplecrypto.online/4i5ewllh-nuls-usdt-setup/)


4. Ontology ($ONT): Another one for which we extended our final target – 86.6%. (https://purplecrypto.online/wlhhsjve-ont-usdt-setup/)


5. Alien Worlds ($TLM): Finally we have TLM with a well-predicted target delivering 55.6% in a matter of hours. (https://purplecrypto.online/enassr2p-tlm-usdt-setup/)


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Losing setups: Nil

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