Our Practical Learning spots are available on an exclusive basis (limited to only 3 spots initially).

Designed for the application of theoretical knowledge to practice, we share our highly secret collection of indicators and how we use them to tell us a story.
Purple Crypto’s Practical Learning Series has been designed for the enthusiastic trader or player in mind with moderate analytical skills.
After feedback from ardent followers who have learnt loads of theory but who lack the know-how of putting this knowledge into practice, we made the decision to share our abilities in telling crypto stories.
The practical analytical skills we share with you in this series are Our Proprietary Secrets which we have gathered over many years. These secrets have enabled us to generate consistent winnings month after month.
Whether you are a day trader, a long-term player or an analyst for a trading firm, our story-telling analytical approach can be applied to all timeframes in all settings.
Entry into this series is highly exclusive and will be open only to those who can demonstrate moderate to advance knowledge of theoretical technical analysis.
Our six month series will include weekly video tutorials with in-depth explanations of the practical application of how we use over 30 indicators and different chart types in our story-telling.
Weekly short assessments of material learned will follow every video where you create your own charting videos to demonstrate your ability to apply what was learnt into practice.


In our six month series, we teach the following.

Month 1
– Philosophies on our practical strategy.
– How we apply Elliott Wave theory in practice.
– Basic indicators which can be applied immediately to your trading strategy.

Month 2
– Retracements and extensions in practice.
– Recognising patterns.
– Introduction to our indicator on indicator strategy.

(By this time, you should be getting pretty good.)

Month 3
– Using indicator on indicator to tell a particular story.
– Introduction to different chart types.
– Advanced chart patterns.

Month 4
– Swing strategies.
– More advanced indicators.
– Adjusting chart settings for accuracy.

(By this time, you are almost a trading genius.)

Month 5
– How we pick a winning stock or crypto.
– More advanced indicators.
– Beginning of consolidation.

Month 6
– Finishing up with advanced indicators.
– The consolidation finale.
– Putting it all together.

(You’re a trading genius.)

On successful completion of the series, you’ll be presented with
Purple Crypto Certificate of Completion of Advanced Practical Trading


Cost: USD$18,000
(That’s how confident we are)


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Practical Learning