MATIC/USDT Trade Entry (Closed)

MATIC USDT Novermber 2019 Trade Setup


On further analysis on MATIC’s movements, I believe it has the potential to go further and has exhibited initial signs of a further uptrend.

Different timeframes give us different impressions but my analysis has always shown it is still in the corrective phase. On the monthly chart, we can see that it has the potential to go higher with the slight upwards trend it has started on in this timeframe.


It has generated some nice profits for us so far and I would like to be a little more ambitious with our targets in this entry which are based on points of confluence.

Our targets are as follows:

ST1: 0.01700 (21.43%)
ST2: 0.01925 (37.5%)
ST3: 0.02149 (53.5% – our ideal but ambitious target)
ST4: 0.02498 (78.43% – never say never)

Profit potential has been calculated from an entry at 1400. A final sell signal will be provided on Purple Crypto Premium.


(The targets on this chart have been calculated from technical analysis specific to this setup and are not suitable for anything else.)

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11 thoughts on “MATIC/USDT Trade Entry (Closed)”

  1. MATIC may skyrocket to 0.03140 (or 0.03144). Option to place sell order at this level or hold this trade until a sell signal is give on Purple Cyrpto Premium.

  2. Updated targets: –

    ST1: 0.01700 (21.43%)
    ST2: 0.01925 (37.5%)
    ST3: 0.02149 (53.5%)
    ST 3.5: 0.02300 (64.3%)
    ST4: 0.02498 (78.43%)
    ST5: 0.02800 (200%)
    ST6: 0.03144 (124.57%)
    ST7: 0.03450 (146.43%)


  3. 0.02295 is close enough to call it ST3.5 reached – posted on Purple Crypto Premium. 🙂

    64% profits!!!

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