MATIC/USDT Forecast on Wave Analysis

Matic USDT Forecast on Elliott Wave Analysis

When it comes to brand new cryptos like MATIC, accurate Elliott wave analysis can only be accomplished once it completes or almost completes a full minor cycle.

In my opinion, we have yet to see a full minor cycle for MATIC including completion of its corrective wave.

There are a few possibilities of where MATIC is at in the big scheme of things and this is one of them.

In my previous analysis MATIC/USDT Forecast Analysis, I had indicated that it was in its corrective wave formation. I hope this free analysis has brought in some profits for you to date.

In this analysis, I demonstrate how this corrective phase began a little earlier than previously indicated and that we are approaching the end of its corrective phase. On this chart, I have marked out sub-waves 1-5 of the impulse phase (25th April to 8th June), following which MATIC began its corrective wave formation indicated by sub-waves a-c.

Within the corrective formation in this analysis, we have the a-b wave which started a little earlier on 5th August. I have also further subdivided this into impulse waves. indicating we are in the middle of this a-b wave formation with the possibility that sub-wave 5 of the a-b wave is yet to be complete.

Whether we have begun sub-wave 5 or not depends on whether MATIC retraces downwards from here. It also depends on how much it retraces. Upwards movement from here would mean it has already begun the final sub-wave 5 of this a-b formation. (The little arrow indicates that it may have retraced enough or it may retrace further.)

Following completion of the 5 sub-waves of the a-b, MATIC will follow with the b-c of this correction. The b-c markings on this chart are a guide and not an absolute indication of magnitude or duration of the proceeding wave formation.

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  1. A small error on the chart where the end of sub-wave 1 of the a-b formation should be on 23rd August.

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