Matic Due to Retrace – April ’20 Winnings at Purple Crypto Premium

Matic Due for a Retrace & Purple Crypto Premium's April '20 Winnings


Matic has proven to be one of the better performing cryptcurrencies of 2019 and 2020. It’s recovery post-breakdown in December ’19 was a definite display of strength.

In our previous wave analysis for Matic, we believed it could have been in an A-B-C corrective formation. In this analysis, we update our expectations to it now being in the final phase of correction (with possible targets marked on the chart – duration and magnitude are a guide only. This is not a trade signal.).

The c-d-e portion of the current wave has the possibility to turn into subwave 1-2 of a new impulse wave.

On to a well overdue post of our winnings for April ’20, we had our eyes on the ‘super-accomplisher’ BAND giving us four very fruitful setups.


First up, we have a setup making us 51.7% in winnings at the start of April.

BAND/USDT Setup April 2020

Second, we made 9.4% in winnings a few days later.

Band USDT Short-term Setup April 2019

Third we have a 17.6% winnings setup achieved in under 24 hours.

BAND/USDT Short Term Setup April 2020

And finally, the ripper generating 70.3% in under a week.

BAND/USDT Extended Setup April 2020

TOTAL April winnings: 149%
Losses: Nil

With several other setups in play since March/April, we are hoping June will be another ripper month here at Purple Crypto Premium.

Stay tuned for more unique ideas and our update on our May winnings.

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