LINK/USDT Showing Strong Signals (Closed)

LINK/USDT Showing Strong Signals Setup September 2019


LINK/USDT has developed signals of an uptrend coming soon.

(Ignore the .786 mark – this should have said .382)

It has had a long corrective wave formation with its future in dire straits but as of today, this has changed for the short-term.

The following signals indicate it is showing signs of a small positive gain over the short-term and possibly over the longer-term IF it continues on an upward trend over the next few weeks:

1. Strong Stoch RSI movement up on 1D chart
2. Volume profile showing preference for higher fair value
3. 200 MA is well below the candles

These and other indicators make it a contender for a small profit over the next 15 to 20 days. However, this will be confirmed after its performance over the next few days.

ST1: 2.00 (25%)
ST2: 2.05 (35%)
ST3: 2.15 (43%)
ST4: 2.25 (50%)

A longer-term hold will be analysed following its performance at the end of this trade.

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(The targets on this chart have been calculated from technical analysis specific to this setup and are not suitable for anything else.)

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