Bitcoin Prints Higher Lows – May ’20 Winnings at Purple Crypto Premium

Bitcoin Prints Higher Lows BTC BTCUSD BTCUSDT June 2020


Papa Bear is proving to be ‘worth its weight’ at present and it’s almost ready for a name change. 😉

BTC has been printing higher lows since hitting our long-awaited target, and it fits a bullish scenario – as long as it can continue to do so.

Bitcoin’s more recent sideways price action is resulting in a tightening of its Bollinger Bands which means only one thing – it’s next move is going to be spectacular. It can quite comfortably retrace to the USD$8900-9000 level (marked with a red horizontal line) without repercussions either way.

Over the past month or so there have been signs of accummulation, though it could still head either way. The purple curve drawn on the chart shows a gradual weakening of price action to the upside. Should bears prove to be stronger, I would expect one of Papa Bear’s signature drops. Bearish momentum would be indicated by a drop below the red horizontal line – creating a lower low – followed by a lower high and an ensuing downtrend.

Should bulls win this round, we can expect short-term gains in the vicinity of 10-20%. A bullish scenario should play out to our Expanding Triangle analysis at a minimum (did you miss this private analysis we shared on Telegram and Twitter?)


On a finishing note we share with you two setups we closed in May at Purple Crypto Premium.

BAND was one that we had created this Premium Idea for Purple Crypto Premium. We played this crypto in multiple short-term stages which delivered exceptional returns. In this last setup, we achieved 24% winnings in under 12 hours.

The second winner was Chilliz which delivered an exceptional 83.2% in just over a month.

CHZ/USDT June 2020 Closed Setup

TOTAL May winnings: 107.2%
Losses: Nil

Stay tuned for more unique ideas and our next update in July.

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