MATIC/USDT Setup (Closed)



Matic has shown significant strength in indicators since it’s recent plunge. From technical analysis, it looks to have room to move up further.

In order of importance:
1. Green lines.
2. Grey lines.

Targets are:

ST1 – 0.01860 (24%)
ST2 – 0.02100 (40%)
ST3 – 0.02300 (53.3%)
ST4 – 0.02670 (78%)

Buy zone: 0.01500 – 0.01600.
Winnings potential calculated from an entry at 0.01600.

A play close signal will be posted on Purple Crypto Premium.


(The targets on this chart have been calculated from technical analysis specific to this trade and are not suitable for use with anything else.)

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