An Upside Down Alternative View for BTC

Bitcoin Extended Elliott Wave Analysis October 2020

We have been pretty quiet at Purple Crypto Premium over October, and that’s only because there hasn’t been much to report.

With Bitcoin’s sideways movement that has been in play since June 2019, our goal has solely been to use its movement to enable setups with other well-performing cryptos. This still stands and here’s why.

In this analysis, we present an alternative “upside down” view to BTC’s movements.

Often times, we find it handy to flip a chart “on its arse” (so to speak), or as the more politically correct would put it, to invert it.

The chart attached here has been inverted, along with the indicators. Drawing out a theoretical Elliott Wave, we assume a 5 subwave “inverted downtrend” occurring, i.e. the “super wave structure”, since the inception of Bitcoin.

Drawing on from this and using our indicators, we theorise that the final subwave 5 of the super wave structure is being further subdivided into minor cycles, making an extended subwave 5 “inverted downtrend” (in black). This is very typical of subwave 5 structures that are coming to an end. Hypothetically, we could assume, based on this wave analysis, that there is distribution and not accummulation occurring.

Often times, the final subwaves of the final subwaves (of the final subwaves 🙂 ) become hyperextended making it almost impossible to decipher where the cycle is at, which is what we can see this year.

If this hypothetical analysis turns out to be true, we should see BTC moving “down” further (or uptrending on an uninverted chart). Sure it may may be a good medium-term hold to possibly double your money. For us, it will only be a good entry if we can comfortably get in at around the $3000 mark. If this movement to $3000 doesn’t eventuate, the final extensions could go on for months to years from here as institutional investors accummulate here and distribute a little higher. This isn’t the ideal sort of setup for us at Purple Crypto Premium and we are more than happy to wait for an ideal time to HODL.

It is this perspective we use to create our setups, drilling down to the minutest wave analysis and timing our plays for the best outcomes.

So while it may seem like we aint’ doing much, we’ve got our eyes on the crypto Gods like hawks. :::)


Watch this play out on YouTube:



(The targets/patterns on this chart is only theory and not a signal of any kind. Its movements could head in a totally different direction at any point in time.)

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3 thoughts on “An Upside Down Alternative View for BTC”

  1. Bitcoin has seen a record volume of selling in January 2021 than it has in its entire history.

    Record sell volumes have preceded price dives in the past. It’ll be time to close out of Bitcoin plays soon.

  2. This Premium Idea would be best closed now.

    Suggested final play close target – 59,000 – 62,000.

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