First Time in History. But Does History Repeat Itself?

Crude Oil Futures Price Head into Negative Territory First Time in History April 2020

Back in January, an anomaly occurred on a website that calculates Bitcoin transaction fees and displays them on a long-term chart. An anomaly where Bitcoin transaction fees went into negative territory for the first time ever in history.

At that time, I posted a Tweet (here –…) exclaiming how bizarre it was that that happened, while many retorted that it was an error in the website’s algorithm. But was it?

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Negative First Time Ever January 2020

Whether it was an error or a sign of what was to come, no one will ever know. But nothing stops us from making an educated guess…a very educated guess. 🙂

I can’t go past the uncanny resemblance between that chart and this one (comparison in this tweet –…) where crude oil prices dove into negative territory for the first time ever in history.

There is a first time for everything. There’s also the saying “history repeats itself”.

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