BTT/USDT Setup (Closed)

BTT USDT February 2020 Setup


Bittorrent is showing signs of the start of a short-term uptrend and is ready for an entry on correction.

Targets are as follows:

ST1 – 0.00045 (21.6%)
ST2 – 0.00051 (37.8%)
ST3 – 0.000565 (52.7%)
ST4 – 0.00067 (81%)
ST5 – 0.00075 (102.70%)

Buy zone: 0.00036-0.00037.

Winnings potential calculated from an entry at 0.00037.

A play close signal will be provided on Purple Crypto Premium.


(The targets on this chart have been calculated from technical analysis specific to this setup and are not suitable for anything else.)

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4 thoughts on “BTT/USDT Setup (Closed)”

  1. This setup is closed as the targets laid out are no longer applicable to the play scenario.

    Total winnings: 76.4%

  2. All play starts and closes are timestamped on Purple Crypo Premium’s telegram channel.

    Don’t @ me.

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