BTC’s Bullish Move & Purple Crypto’s November ’20 Winnings


November was just a slightly crazy month for the crypto market with the occasional head scratching as to which direction the trend was going to be heading in.

Bitcoin kept its eyes to the north while most altcoins stagnated, with a few stronger ones like Monero, Litecoin and Ethereum doing much better than others.

In the chart update above, you will see Bitcoin breaking the long term downtrend channel in our Top of the Channel analysis and soaring to all new heights.


November delievered some modest winnings while we waited for the rest of the altcoins market to accummulate prior to pick up. We scored 112.1% over two setups!


1. Yearn Finance (YFI) – 29.3% ($YFI)


2. Stellar (XLM) – 82.8% ($XLM)


Total setups closed in November ’20: 2
Losing setups: Nil

‘Til next time,
Zai jian.



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