A Beautiful Chart – & Purple Crypto Premium’s September 2019 Profits

A Beautiful Chart by Monero Purple Crypto Premium September 2019 Winnings

I wanted to share this beauty of a chart by the team at Monero.

I love geometry, shapes, waves and everything else in between. I wonder where it will head to next…A, B or C? 😉

At Purple Crypto Premium, we have had a ripper of a month in September of precision trades with on-point signals.

Total trades: 3
Profiting trades: 3
Losing trades: Nil
(73.5% / 3 trades)

First up, MATIC/USDT. This was a ripper generating 2 profiting trades in a short space of time – 18% and 12.5% – total 30.5% profits over the space of 2 weeks.

MATIC/USDT Support Turned Resistance

Next up was LINK/USDT. Chainlink was somewhat disappointing, not fully reaching targets after an initial successful breakout from the pennant. Even so, we managed a 25% profit at the trigger of the stop loss at 2.0.

LINK/USDT Showing Strong Signals

And finally, our friends at Bitcoin Cash gave us a small handout. While not reaching peaks, BCHABC/USDT made us 18% profit in the space of two weeks.

Bitcoin Cash / USDT - Short Term Projection

Stay tuned for more “secret” charts, “read between the lines” messages and intended puns….because the real juicy stuff is only on Purple Crypto Premium.

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Trading View link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XMRUSDT/wPQAiycx-Purple-Crypto-Premium-September-2019-Profits/