ALGO/USDT Setup (Closed)

ALGO USDT November 2019 Setup


Algorand has been in accummulation for a significant period of time now.

It has reached a point suitable for entry after considerable retracing and is showing positive signs up an upcoming rise.

Increasing order of importance:
1. Grey lines
2. Green lines

Our targets are as follows.

ST1 – 0.4398 (75.9%)
ST2 – 0.6097 (143.9%)
ST3 – 0.7296 (191.8%)
ST4 – 0.8790 (251.6%)
ST5 – 1.0765 (330.6%)
ST6 – 1.3598 (443.9%)
ST7 – 1.5067 (502.7%)
ST8 – 1.6728 (569.1%)

Buy zone: 0.2400 – 0.2500
Profit potential calculated from an entry at 0.2500.

Sell at preferred profit potential. A final sell signal will be posted on Purple Crypto Premium.


(The targets on this chart have been calculated from technical analysis specific to this setup and are not suitable for anything else.)

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3 thoughts on “ALGO/USDT Setup (Closed)”

  1. ST1 was hit on Feb 21 with an additional 27.5% winnings since re-start.

    However, it also hit my stop loss set at 0.3350 on Feb 24 creating a 2.9% loss since re-start.

    Therefore, total winnings from this play setup was 28.4% – 2.9% = 25.5%.

    This chart is now closed as the targets and setup are no longer applicable.

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