Who is the Founder of Purple Crypto and why should thou Join Us?

  • Purple Crypto is the only fully privacy-aware website on the World Wide Web where donors can follow our crypto plays. We take thine right to privacy very seriously.
    • Hosted with the “big boys” in Iceland.
    • All emails sent to and from Purple Crypto are encrypted with the highest security grade available in the industry  – CTemplar (ask me for an invitation code to create a free CTemplar email account).
    • Zero killer of privacy – no automation.
  • The Founder of Purple Crypto has built a reputation for honesty and sincerity. Unlike other websites who get thee to sign up without giving any information on joining fees, our donation amounts are clear from the start. No surprises, ever.
  • We have not had a month of negative winnings to date. We strongly believe in the saying “It’s not about how much we win. It’s about how much we didn’t lose”.
  • With over 5 years of trading experience, the Founder of Purple Crypto has a wealth of knowledge and a keen sense of the market trend.
  • By joining us as a donor, thou will have access to our Premium Ideas not available anywhere else (we do not post these publicly on Trading View).
  • We are not “for profit”. We are “for people”.